Barometro (Codice: SN10-590/01)

Repliche scientifici - strumenti meteo

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Codice: SN10-590/01
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Weather is without count of the the most popular topics of conversation anywhere in the world. And weather instruments have fascinated mankind for many centuries. The weatherglass, a glass container with an eyelet and a curving glass spout was invented in the early 17th century in Holland. When filled partly with (colored) water, the air-pressure makes the water rise and all in the spout. High pressure means a low water level in the spout (nice weather). Low pressure makes the water rise and sometimes bubble over slightly. The weatherglass was generally used until the 19th century and was popular abroad ships. The Pilgrim fathers are reputed to have taken these interesting Weatherglasses to America in the 1620’s from Holland, via England.

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